Meet Perth Cosplay Champion Terranous

What character did you cosplay for the Adelaide/Perth heat?
An Adventurer from Skyrim in Nordic Carved Armour

What inspired you to cosplay as this character?
I wanted to build a costume that excelled anything I had done before, something that wasn’t just big plain surfaces, but one that I could relate to. Skyrim is one of my immersive games and I have a lot of time invested in my character, so it inspired me on both a challenging and emotional level.

How long did it take to make your cosplay?
Approximately 140 hours spread over 9 months

What was the best part of cosplaying in the Perth heat of the Australian Championships of Cosplay?
The Best bit? I’d like to say the Win!! But in truth, the support of my fellow competitors. As an entertainer I have no problem being before a crowd, but I have difficulty with criticism, the anxiety of having my efforts on this costume critiqued nearly saw me withdraw on more than one occasion. If it was not for the wonderfully supportive nature of some of the other people on that stage in the lead up to the competition I wouldn’t have been there. So the best part has to be the people!

What are you most looking forward to about the National Finals at Oz Comic-Con Sydney?
Seeing the best convention that Australia has to offer, meeting all these amazing cosplayers and learning from them.

When did you first start cosplaying? What was your first cosplay?
I started a long, LONG time ago, (you have to understand, I’m a bit older than the average cosplayer) I made a Spiderman type costume and sat on a hill overlooking a service station where a girl I liked worked. It didn’t end well. So I didn’t do anymore “Dress ups” as she called it, for nearly thirty years. I like to think I started CosPLAY three years ago with my “Darth Cyber” Darth Vader / Cyberman mashup.

What tips do you have for someone starting out in cosplay?
It’s in my motto, It’s called CosPLAY, because it’s meant to be FUN.
If you’re not having fun with your cosplay, either lay it aside for the moment and work on something else that inspires you for a while, or visualise the end result and the enjoyment your build WILL bring you and others and focus on that as you soldier on.

What is something in the costume making process you struggle with, or want to learn to do better?
Sewing! The reciprocating fabric joining machine and I are not friends! I have learnt the dark arts of Pleats and Quilts and still I cannot appease the Gods of Bias and Weft!

Besides cosplay, what other nerdy things are you into? Comics, games, etc.,?
I play World of Warcraft, lots and lots of World of Warcraft, and Skyrim, yep fair bit of that too.

If you had to pick a superpower, what would it be and why?
The power of the Musical: the ability to, wherever I am, make everyone around me to break into choreographed song and dance routines, complete with musical accompaniment from out of nowhere!

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