Meet Our Championships of Cosplay Winner Melbourne 2017 - Kayla Jean


What character did you cosplay for the Melbourne heat?

I cosplayed as: The Blue Serpent Warlock, from the game: Granado Esparda

What inspired you to cosplay as this character?

I love to challenge myself; I saw this costume as a good opportunity to learn new skills in all different areas, from armour to embroidery as well as beading.

How long did it take to make your cosplay?

This costume took me 3-4 months, mainly in the late hours of the night.


What was the best part of cosplaying in the Melbourne heat of the Australian Championships of Cosplay?

It was great to finally display all my hard work on stage, but to be truly honest I would have to say the people; the other cosplayers, the judges and the helpers were so lovely and encouraging. It’s a very fun environment to be in.

What are you most looking forward to about the National Finals at Oz Comic-Con Sydney?

I'm really looking forward to participating in the National Finals with all the talented cosplayers from throughout Australia! As well as meeting all the amazing Cosplayers in Sydney. There's never a dull moment at Oz Comic-Con, so it's always a great weekend wherever it is. 

When did you first start cosplaying? What was your first cosplay?

I first started cosplaying when I heard Oz-Comic con would be in Melbourne in 2012, I cosplayed as Haruhi Suzumiya and had such a fun time!

What tips do you have for someone starting out in cosplay?

Be proud of what you have created, no matter what! That moment when you become that character that you love, makes it all worthwhile.

What is something in the costume making process you struggle with, or want to learn to do better?

I struggle a lot with time management, I’m well known for wanting to make something new a few days before a convention and staying up all hours to finish it the night before. Funny enough those costumes have turned out to be my favourites.

Besides cosplay, what other nerdy things are you into? Comics, games, etc.,?

Costumes are my life, when I’m not working on them you’ll always find me watching all sorts of Pop Culture, Si-fi movies and appreciating the different costumes more than the story line.. haha…

If you had to pick a superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to stop time so that I can have more time to procrastinate... and having more time to work on costumes would be great too.


Follow Kayla Jean and her cosplay adventures through her Facebook Page. 


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