Wolfgang Bylsma

Brisbane and Sydney

Wolfgang Bylsma serves as Editor-in-Chief for Australia's leading independent graphic novel publishing house, Gestalt, which he co-founded in 2005.

For over a decade, Wolf's endeavours have helped change the nature of the comics industry in Australia and assisted in building reputations and international careers for Australian talent.

Having edited every title published by Gestalt, Wolf’s own writing output includes the ‘Wastelander Panda’ graphic novel and he is currently writing ‘Cleverman’ comics with TV series originator Ryan Griffen.

He is also an Executive Producer on the award-winning 'The Deep' animated series, and is involved in a number of other television and film projects.

Notable Works

Wastelander Panda
The Deep

Wolfgang Bylsma For sketches and commissions please see Wolfgang at the Getsalt Comics booth



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