Traci Harding


Traci Harding has released five trilogies, and five stand alone novels through Harper Collins Publishers. Her books blend esoteric mysteries, time travel and quantum physics, into adventurous romps through history, alternative dimensions, universes and states of consciousness. Since 1996 The Ancient Future Trilogy has had over forty reprints, two editions and Omnibus in 2014. This trilogy spawned another three trilogies and Traci has been contracted to write the prequel - book 13 in the series - to be released in June 2018. These books have been published in several countries and languages throughout Europe, Asia, and some more recently through Harper 360 in the UK and US. Traci’s entire back catalogue and two latest releases - ‘The Storytellers Muse’ and ‘The Immortal Bind’, will be released by Bolinda Audio throughout 2017 and 2018.


Notable Publications:

The Immortal Bind
The Ancient Future Trilogy
The Storyteller's Muse

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