Sherilyn Fenn


Her childhood was filled with change. Sheryl Ann (later "Sherilyn") was the youngest of 3 kids. She and her two older brothers were raised by their musician mum, Arlene Quatro, who moved the family around Michigan. She and her mum went to L.A. when Sherilyn was 17.

Within a couple of years, Sherilyn was working in TV and film, with multiple projects every year since 1984. Sherilyn, the petite (5' 4") beauty, had a small but memorable part in the gender-bender flick Just One of the Guys. Her biggest claim to fame would come in 1990 when she won the prize role of Audrey in Twin Peaks after reading for all the female leads. Sherilyn made a memorable impression as the cherry stem-twisting siren. This was her breakout role; even now she says of her Twin Peaks experience: "It still makes me feel kind of proud and special to be part of something like that". Her most over-the-top movie role was as the armless, legless star of Boxing Helena (a role which Kim Basinger backed out of). Back on TV, Sherilyn plays the juicy part of Billie Frank, a former soap actress confronting alcohol and other demons in Rude Awakening on Showtime. A frequent visitor on the set is her son, Myles.

Sherilyn is noted for having a quirky sense of humour and a joie de vivre. Sherilyn will be reprising her role as Audrey in the next chapter of Twin Peaks.

Notable Roles:

Audrey Horne, Twin Peaks
Billie Frank, Rude Awakening
Anna Nardini, Gilmore Girls
Queenie Schlott, Shameless

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