Dr. Paul Mason


Dr. Paul Mason (DVA) is an Australian comic book illustrator, writer, comic book academic and lecturer at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. He is the illustrator of KID PHANTOM; a brand-new, national newsstand comic book series featuring a young, all-ages take on the classic comic strip character, The Phantom. The series is published by Frew Publications, who have printed The Phantom comic books in Australia, on behalf of Kings Features Syndicate, since 1948. 

Paul is an illustrator on Eldritch Kid: Bone War graphic novel for Gestalt Comics, written by Christian Read, and due for release in 2017. He is also the creator of The Soldier Legacy: an Australian action/adventure/superhero comic book/trade paperback series, which featured on TV as part of Youi Insurance ad campaign in 2011/2012. Paul also delivered a talk on The Soldier Legacy in the context of Australian Superhero comic history at the Superhero Symposium at ACMI, Melbourne, in 2016. He has worked on a number of comic book series and anthologies, such as Dark Detective Sherlock Holmes, Oi Oi Oi, Australia!, XCT and overseas publications such as The New Adventures of the Human Fly.

As a lecturer for Griffith University, Paul teaches animation pre-production, art direction, visual storytelling, and sequential art as part of the Bachelor of Animation program of the Griffith Film School, helping to oversee development of course profiles, graduating films and other illustrative/storytelling projects from the talented undergraduates and honour year students that attend the College.

Notable Works/Publications

Kid Phantom
Eldritch Kid: Bone War
The Soldier Legacy
Dark Detective Sherlock Holmes
Oi Oi Oi, Australia!
The New Adventures of the Human Fly

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