Marilyn Ghigliotti


Notable Roles:

Veronica Loughran, Clerks
Gina, Get a Job
Macy, Alien Armageddon
Nurse Clark, Dead and Gone
Ronnie, Geek USA

Marilyn Ghigliotti is best known for her role as Veronica in Kevin Smith’s cult classic Clerks (1994). Since then she’s gone on to film Get a Job, Dead and Gone, Alien Armageddon, and Geek USA. Ghigliotti has performed in several short films including Bad Hair Day, Dig, Negotiations, Roadkill, and #Rip. Soon she will reprise her role as Veronica in Kevin Smith’s Clerks III.

Her TV credits include Totally Sketch, Disorganized Zone (web series), and Life with Kat & McKay. Ghigliotti appears in Starship: Rising, Lake Eerie, Neighbors, Dracula’s War, Beautiful Nightmare, Shooting Clerks, and Witchula. When Ghigliotti isn’t in front of the camera, she can sometimes be found working hair and makeup for various projects. Currently she lends her voice to several audio books.

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