Ettelle Cosplay


Ettelle has been cosplaying around Australia since 2008. Based in Melbourne, she spends her free time crafting her costumes, priding herself displaying creative freedom while maintaining her attention to detail.

She has won numerous awards at Australian conventions for her craftsmanship and her desire to self-challenge is continuously leading her to expand her skill-range. She particularly enjoys collaborations with others.

Ettelle now judges cosplay competitions and is keen to share her knowledge and passion and give back to the community. She is excited to be at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con this year!

Photographs Autographs
Cosplay Duo (Lightning Cosplay & Ettelle Cosplay) $50 Autographs available from Cosplay Central

Please note:  an 8x10 image will be included with each autograph, or you may choose to have an appropriate personal item signed.





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