Abby Darkstar Cosplay


Abby is a New England bred, Southern raised, West coast girl. Raised on a steady diet of Sci-Fi, fantasy and comics by her dad and an infusion of theatre from her mum, Abby finds creative and professional inspiration from Cosplay. Her career in Digital and Social Media marketing has allowed her to work with companies such as Logitech G, Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, Promo Guys, Kotobukiya, and Tokyo Otaku Mode. Abby enjoys encouraging others to Cosplay and enabling them to join in on the fun!


Photographs Autographs
Abby Darkstar $40   Autographs available from Cosplay Central
Cosplay Duo (Abby Darkstar and Keith Zen) $60

Please note:  an 8x10 image will be included with each autograph, or you may choose to have an appropriate personal item signed.





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