Oz Comic-Con Forum

Oz Comic-Con Forum is a brand new evening event for aspiring industry professionals in the world of media and entertainment. These are small, intimate sessions featuring presentations from highly experienced industry professionals sharing their wealth of knowledge (and secrets) and industry stories, followed by a Q & A session.

The focus of this year’s talk “Creating Fandoms in the World of TV” is about creating fandoms and delivering essential knowledge for content creators.  Our highlight speaker Marion ‘Maz’ Farrelly will talk about her experiences in the world of television and work with you to launch your career or improve your pursuit in creating content and fandoms. 

What, Where, When, How Much?

Tickets are limited to 30 people only.

Time and Date: Sat 30th Sep – 6:30pm

Session length: 90 minutes

Ticket price: $30 per person. You are not required to buy an Oz Comic-Con ticket to attend Oz Comic-Con Forum.

Creating Fandoms in the world of TV

It doesn’t matter where your content sits. If it’s good enough, people will find it, they will talk about it, they will share it and your audience will come.

What we do in this crazy world of TV is this – we get you to give a sh*te – we get you to give a sh*te about our shows and the people we have on our shows, so you come back over and over again.  We don’t know if you will love or hate them, but all that matters is they stir you in some way.

We do this with the clearest messaging we can manage and when we do it right, we create stars overnight

Now then, how do we do this?

The good news is that there is a formula.

The bad news is that you may not know it.

The good news is that we do.

The really good news is that I am going to share it with you – that and a bunch of showbiz stories from my crazy world which will probably land us all in court.

Come along and crowd fund the libel case.


About Maz

If you’ve watched it, MAZ probably made it – she’s produced and worked on some of the world’s TV biggest brands such as The X Factor, The Celebrity Apprentice, Q&A, Big Brother, The AFL Recruit, Farmer wants a Wife, Dancing with the Stars, and Amplify Live YouTube Tour.

Her dunny is decorated with international awards and she has a show biz address book that includes Scary Spice Mel B, David Hasselhoff, Ronan Keating, Guy Sebastian, Kelly Rowland, Jason Derulo and many more.

Maz was the Creative Strategist for BBC World Wide, Director of Television Content for Fremantle Media Australia & Director of the award winning studio, Media Tribe, Australia. She is currently working on the new talent show app Megastar with R & B Star Usher. She is the boss lady for two international TV and Training companies – Absolutely Farrelly and The Mischief Sisters.


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