The Cosplay Parade - Saturday at Oz Comic-Con

The Cosplay Parade showcases the talent of cosplayers at Oz Comic-Con. It gives everyone the chance to get up on stage and strut their stuff. You can enter this event as either an individual or as a group and both handmade and store bought costumes are eligible to participate. This event is a great way to build confidence for those wishing to enter competitions in the future!

To enter this event just head to the cosplay registration desk located at Cosplay Central before 12:00PM on Saturday of each Oz Comic-Con and secure your spot. Once you have registered you will be required for marshalling 30 minutes prior to the event.


Kids Cosplay Parade - Sunday at Oz Comic-Con

The Kids Cosplay Parade is a great way for our littlest cosplayers to get into the cosplay spirit! Once the parade begins, kids can go on stage either on their own, in a group or for those who are either too little or too shy, with a guardian. All entrants in the kids cosplay parade will receive a special certificate to treasure. Come and see the tiniest and cutest cosplayers all at the one event!

To sign up to this event head to the cosplay registration desk on Sunday before 12:00PM. Any child under the age of 12 is eligible to enter this event (with their parents’ permission).


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