Clara Cows Cosplay Cup (C4)

Oz Comic-Con is proud to partner with Animecon in the Netherlands on an Australian-first opportunity to partake in the European Cosplay Circuit!

Clara Cows Cosplay Cup is a pair’s skit competition, with the emphasis on the “play” of Cosplay. Pairs who are ready to show off their skit will be judged 60% on the skit and 40% on costume. The competition is designed to be fun foremost, and welcomes cosplayers from 17 countries around the globe to partake!

The Clara Cows Cosplay Cup Australian qualifier will take place exclusively at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2017.

The winning pair will receive a trip to Animecon 2018 and be automatically be entered in the global final for Clara Cows Cosplay Cup!

So, is it Anime only?

NOPE! All official animated, comic (East or West) and game characters can enter the competition. However, no fan art or live action properties will be permitted to participate.

So what do I get if I win?

  • Return economy airfare to the Netherlands for two (2) people
  • Twin room accommodation for three (3) nights in the Netherlands in a four-star hotel during the AnimeCon weekend
  • Two (2) tickets to AnimeCon in the Netherlands
  • Automatic entry into the final for C4 
  • Prize pack (1 metre each of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm of black EVA foam, XL sheet of Lumiflex Thermoplastic, 250g of plastimorph thermoplastic pellets and more!) provided by Lumins Workshop

Sounds Great! What are the rules?

  • Contest closing date 20/6/17
  • All props must follow the Oz Comic-Con props guidelines 
  • The teams cannot consist of more or less than two (2) cosplayers
  • Both costumes must be from the same property
  • Costumes must be made by the participants and no more than 35% can be bought/coomisioned from third parties. Failure to meet with this requirements may result in disqualification from the event.
  • No bought costumes will be permitted into the event
  • The team must perform an act on stage that cannot exceed 2 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Set-up time is a maximum of 30 seconds per group
  • The maximum number of stage props is 4 per team
  • Setup can be done by stagehands (Please specify if you will be using stage hands in your application)
  • All audio and appropriate documents/images needs to be submitted with your application (Dropbox links preferred) 
  • Teams may not use any items that can spill on the stage, such as bubbles, glitter, confetti, live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others
  • You must be 18 years or older on 10 July 2017 to compete.
  • Fan art or origional characters are not permitted to compete. There must be adequate references for the character supplied. 
  • Cosplayers may only participate in one preliminary, per edition of CCCC
  • Costumes that have participated in international contests cannot be re-used in preliminaries for CCCC
  • Costumes that have won any awards are not permitted in the event
  • Stagehands are allowed for the Australia preliminary, however, are not permitted in the grand final in the Netherlands.

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