Cosplay At Oz Comic-Con

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is the combination of the words “costume” and “role-play”. It is used to describe dressing up as a character from games, movies, anime, comics and more. It's a pastime enjoyed by young and old and Oz Comic-Con celebrates this community with showcases, competitions and more!

Suiting up to Oz Comic-Con? Be sure to read our Cosplay Props policy!

Cosplay Central

Cosplay Central is a dedicated space on the show floor set up specifically for the Cosplay community and friends! Featuring Cosplay special guests, local Costume Displays, a Cosplay Photography Gallery, Cosplay Photographers, Change Room & Repair Station and more! This year, Oz Comic-Con is excited to welcome Spotlight and Brother as the Presenting Partners of Cosplay Central 2017. Find out more about the partnership here.  If you have any questions please contact Michelle.

Cosplay Competitions and Events

Oz Comic-Con is sure to have the event to suit you, with a range of Cosplay events giving you the best opportunity to showcase your favourite characters! There are a range of great activities for the whole family to partake in including the Cosplay Parade, Kids Cosplay, Prop Competition, Cosplay Active and for those wanting to compete on the international stage, we also have the Australia leg of the Global Championships of Cosplay and Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup! See you there!
If you have any questions about cosplay please contact Michelle.

Cosplay Policies

Cosplay is one of the many wonders of Oz Comic-Con and we want to make sure everyone who cosplays at the event has an awesome time. Read all of our policies here including our “Cosplay Is Not Consent” policy and our “Props & Behaviour Policy” for cosplayers attending the event. For further information or any questions please feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page


Official Partners Of Oz Comic-Con

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