Cosplay Events and Competitions

Oz Comic-Con plays host to the largest collection of cosplay events and competitions in the country! We have made sure to include something appropriate for all ages - kids, big kids and families! Be sure to check out all of our events below before attending! 


International Events


The Oz Comic-Con Championships of Cosplay is the largest and most prestigious costume contest in Australia! It is the first stop in the "Quest for the Crown", a cosplay competition circuit that celebrates the very best in costume design from around the world. The overall Australian winner will go on to represent Australia at the 2018 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago!

Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup (Melbourne Exclusive)

Oz Comic-Con is proud to partner with Animecon in the Netherlands on an Australian-first opportunity to partake in the European Cosplay Circuit! Clara Cows Cosplay Cup is a pairs skit competition, with the emphasis on the “play” of Cosplay. Pairs who are ready to show off their skit will be judged 60% on the skit and 40% Costume.  The winning pair will receive a trip to Animecon 2018 to compete in the global finals.

Entry Level Events


Are you ready to be part of the competitive world of Cosplay? Then this event is for you! Cosplay Active is Oz Comic-Cons mainstream competition for all competitors whether you have an awesome group, a cool skit or an awesomely crafted costume - this event is for you!


A new cosplay competition where your props are the star of the show! Enter this event solo or as part of a team. Learn more about Oz Comic-Con's newest cosplay competition today! 

Just For Fun


The kids cosplay parade is a great way for our littlest cosplayers to get into the cosplay spirit! Once the parade begins, kids can go on stage either on their own, in a group or for those who are either too little or too shy, with a guardian. All entrants in the kids cosplay parade will receive a special certificate to treasure. Come and see the tiniest and cutest cosplayers all at the one event!


The Cosplay Parade is a great event showcasing the talent of cosplayers at Oz Comic-Con. It gives everyone the chance to get up on stage and strut their stuff. You can enter this as an individual or as a group and both handmade and store bought costumes are eligible to participate. This event is a great way to build confidence for those wishing to enter competitions in the future!


Official Partners Of Oz Comic-Con

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