What is the Comic District?

The Comic District at Oz Comic-Con is the hub for every comic fan at the show. This is a great place to meet with other fans, discuss your favourite titles and learn about comics. There are a range of exclusive features for this space – so don’t forget to stop by over the weekend!

What Cool Features Will Be There?


Caricatures are a unique style of comic art used to imitate someone with exaggerated and striking features drawn of the person. We have guest artists David GreenAnthony Pascoe and Richard Bailey (Richard Bailey Illustration, stand #41) coming along as guests in the area so don’t forget to stop by and get yours! 


Come along and colour in your favourite heroes! Marvel has kindly created an exclusive artwork for Oz Comic-Con that you can colour in over the weekend. This is a great way to introduce the comic art style to someone so be sure to leave your mark on the wall. 


We’ve set aside some space for you to create your own comic – make your own character and give them a story! We’ll have some pages for you to make your own comics and hey – why don’t you take it home with you as well? 


Feel like chilling and reading some comics? Thanks to Kings Comics you can! We’ve got a range of comics on offer for you to enjoy and bean bags to chill on. Plus Marvel Unlimited digital library - be sure to grab your code for a months subscription to Marvel Unlimited so you can take your love of comics’ home with you!  

Collectable Comics 

See the humble beginnings of the comics world! Drop by the Comic District to see where your favourite superheroes began in back issue comics that started it all. Classic Comics has been kind enough to donate copies of  Amazing Fantasy #15 (1st Appearance of Spiderman), Amazing Spiderman #1 (2nd Appearance Spiderman), Amazing Spiderman #14 (1st Appearance of Green Goblin), Amazing Spiderman #50 (1st Kingpin appearance), Amazing Spiderman #129 (1st Appearance of Punisher), Amazing Spiderman #300 (1st Full Venom Appearance) & Brave and the Bold #28 (1st Appearance of Justice League). Be sure to check out this exclusive content in the Comic District at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne.


Official Partners Of Oz Comic-Con

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